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About Us

Sapienti Aviation Theory Tutoring Center (SATT) is Sapienti´s specialized branch aiming to provide high-quality preparation for Aviation Pilot Licensing Theoretical Exams.

We are a team of professionals who understand what the student pilot needs and are trying to fulfill those requirements within an appropriate span of time with high performance results.

With 20 years of experience and more than 6000 students, we have a success rate of 99%.

SATT offers access to reference literature, experience specialized teachers, data base questions, with a multitude of training aids.

We believe in

“Achieving Results”

Products and Services

We deal in ATPL Theoretical Preparation for Instrumentation, General Navigation, Meteorology, Human Performance and Limitations, Radio Navigation, Airframe and Systems, Electrics, Power Plant and Emergency Equipment, Air Law, Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring, Communications (This subject has two separate exams: VFR Communications and IFR Communications, but we combine them on the tutorial), Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight, Performance, Mass and Balance.

Mathematics, Physics and English tutorial units are also available.

A “Commercial Pilot´s inside view” session (lectured by a Professional Airline Commander), a Cessna 152 general briefing and a Preparation for Airline Company’s selection processes group of sessions (interview, psychotechnics, selection panel, group dynamics) are also available per student’s requirement.

SATT´s Students are mainly student pilots preparing for their theoretical exams. SATT recommends timely study and preparation of the courses, with study sessions organized and planed in advance, to achieve the intended results. A lecture on preparation methods and ATPL theoretical component organization is a unit available for SATT student pilots.

For students that are aiming to pursue a career in Aviation but not in a Pilot course yet, a “Commercial Pilot´s inside view” session (lectured by a Professional Airline Commander) or a Flying Instructor clarification session are also available.

SATT at a glance: In addition to one-on-one tutoring, SATT provides the opportunity for students to become involved in collaborative learning groups. Groups are formed in any subject area as needed and are comprised of 2-5 students. SATT training packages include 8 (minimum), 20 (5% discount) or 40 (10% discount) session unit cards. Normally, the first session consists on the evaluation and definition of the study plan.

YOUR Advantages

  • Experienced and qualified teachers.
  • Certified training provider (DGERT, IEFP, Cambridge International).
  • Students grouped according to their abilities.
  • Review of all major parts of the syllabus.
  • Practice and advice on exam questions and revision techniques.
  • Intensive, focused, uninterrupted time on each topic.
  • Increased confidence.

Get in Touch

Sapienti Aviation Theory Tutoring Center (SATT)

SATT Management Rua de Birre 183, 2750-217 Cascais Mobile: 00351 92 541 61 03 aviation@sapienti.one


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